What is NaPCA & Here’s Why You Need It

Your skin acts like a sponge, taking in chemicals and toxins of the things that come in contact with it, especially our skincare products and makeup. Naturally, you only want the best ingredients in your products.

So when you find NaPCA on the ingredient list, what does that mean? What is a NaPCA moisture mist, and do you need it in your products?

Here’s everything you need to know about NaPCA.

What is NaPCA?

NaPCA is a chemical abbreviation. It stands for sodium (Na) pyrrolidone (P) carboxylic (C) acid (A). It’s also sometimes referred to as sodium PCA. 

But don’t let that freak you out. It’s a natural chemical compound derived from fermenting sugars and starches. It’s a process similar to creating alcohol, but different.

The Cosmetic Ingredient Review did studies and decided sodium PCA was completely safe for use in cosmetics. Since it’s a well-established ingredient in the cosmetic industry, there’s no need to test it on animals – it’s cruelty-free.

And interestingly enough, NaPCA is already found as part of our skin’s natural moisturizing factor. The natural moisturizing factor is something our epidermis just does to keep our skin healthy and hydrated. NaPCA makes up about 12% of this natural chemical coat.

So adding more through a moisturizing mist helps to further bind moisture to your skin so it doesn’t dry out.

What’s it Doing in My Skin Products?

Since it’s a safe, natural ingredient, there are several benefits associated with NaPCA. Here’s how it helps your skin.

Healthy and Hydrated

NaPCA works especially well to bind moisture to the skin. It’s in most moisturizers, and it can keep even the driest skin well-hydrated throughout hot days. That’s why a NaPCA mist is vital if you live in a region with extreme heat or frequently suffer from dry skin.

Anti-Aging Properties

Our skin also naturally contains the PCA part of NaPCA. But these levels start to dip as we get older, causing our skin to sag and wrinkles to form. But a NaPCA moisture mist can help restore these levels so you keep naturally youthful-looking skin.

Fight Inflammation

NaPCA can get deep into the epidermis where it works to strengthen your skin. This keeps your skin from drying out and fights inflammation from the inside out.

NaPCA Moisture Mist is a Safe Way to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Hydrated

NaPCA works to bind moisture to the skin to keep it from drying out. But it’s anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties make it a valuable asset to any skincare kit.

It’s been used in cosmetics for years. Studies continue to show it’s safe for human use, and it can be incorporated into products completely cruelty-free.

So for anyone with normal to dry skin, a NaPCA moisture mist can help keep your skin fresh and hydrated.

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