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Love it, use at 2 to 3 times a day, sometimes more (sunburns). It keeps my skin moist not greasy. It also soothes my sunburns after hiking, boating and skiing in the High Sierra; it keeps my skin from pealing. This from a man who seldom used skin care products including sunscreens.  The back story…true confession, two years ago a close friend asked me if my company BiopHoretics could make an Aloe Vera based skin moisturizing spay without oils. After formulating, testing reformulating, retesting and trying different names we nailed it!  AloeHydrate was launched as an entirely organic Aloe Gel based,effective, simple solution with easy-to-read and understand ingredients.  Let me be clear I’m not excited about AloeHydrate because we make it, I’m excited because it works; if it didn’t work we wouldn’t make it. I encourage you try AloeHydrate. and once you do you’ll discover its effectiveness too. Make using AloeHydrate a key part of your daily healthy skin wellness routine as my family and I do.

Gene Stewart / Biophoretics

“My husband and I love AloeHydrate! It’s refreshing, lightweight and best of all, there’s no heavy film left on your skin after applying it. I’m a daily makeup wearer, so I put it on before and after my makeup to really lock the moisture in, especially in the dry climate we live in. I also have extremely sensitive skin, so I love that AloeHydrate uses only organic ingredients and is hypoallergenic, so I know it’s safe for my sensitive skin!  After only a few weeks of use, I’ve noticed that my skin is brighter, less ashy, and it’s also helped with fine lines, because it’s so hydrating. You have to try it, you’ll love it!”

Danielle L.

“Loved the AloeHyrdate product! I’m not a big lotion person but this is not lotion, it was a great to try something new that worked! I got back from Mexico and this dry Nevada climate was making my tan I got in Mexico peel and fade away but AloeHydrate preserved what was left and made my skin soft and flake free again!

Thanks for preserving my tan!”

Justin A.

“I love Aloehydrate! After the first couple of uses I noticed a huge difference in my skin. My skin is normally very dry. After using this product my skin felt hydrated and refreshed. This product didn’t weigh my skin down or make it feel greasy. I would recommend this product to anyone!”

Kaylee C.

“I’ve been having issues with my skin under my beard being dry and flakey. I was introduced to Aloehydrate and just after a few days of use I started to see the dryness and flakes start to disappear! So glad I found this product!”

Curtis B.

AloeHydrate is great!

By using daily, it has helped smooth out those annoying little rough spots on my face. It’s very dry in this mountain air and I love using it throughout the day and after swimming to hydrate my face and hair etc.

Annaliese Miller / Truckee, CA

5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Reed Retting says:

    I spend a lot of time in the sun and have found that applying Aloehydrate refreshes and rejuvenates my skin. It also has helped relieve my psoriasis. Excellent product!!

  2. Alexandra Baranoff says:

    As a New York-based Celebrity Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist, AloeHydrate is my go-to product on and off set. From priming my clients before Red -Carpet events with it’s fine, hydrating mist to setting my final looks, AloeHydrate has far exceeded my expectations. I have even applied it to the hair to tame Fly- Aways and have found that it gives all hair textures a refreshed look. My professional kit is never without this versatile, natural, green beauty product. Thanks AloeHydrate!! – @alexandrabaranoff

  3. Nicole Cheslock, Truckee, CA says:

    I love Aloe Hydrate! After just one day, my hands are softer and smoother than they have been in over five years. I like the clean feeling of the spray and it’s great for the whole family.

  4. Jay Pieper says:

    I live in the southern Nevada desert where it is really dry and I have always needed to use oily lotions to keep my skin from drying out. I also have eczema which makes matters even worse. AloeHydrate keeps my skin moist without that oily feeling or shiny look on my face. It just feels better on the skin than a heavy, greasy lotion. As The Monkees sang, “I’m A Believer.” Rock on, AloeHydrate!

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