Aloe vera Skin Moisturizer & Body Spray with… Prebiotics, Hemp Oil, Ceramide and Vitamin Supplements

Our advanced formula is a holistic solution that gives you softer, more supple skin and a more healthy skin immunity. It bathes your skin in super-hydrating Aloe vera gel, its nutrients and Acemannan. Acemannan, a key Aloe sugar helps the vitamin supplements Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B5 quickly penetrate your skin along with the prebiotics. Together they boost your skins immunity by keeping you skin’s microbiome healthy. Finally, Ceramide and Hemp oil are made water soluble to more effectively penetrate your skin and seal in moisture. Our Aloe vera skin moisturizer and body spray is naturally effective, clean, pure and simple. Try it today!.

250ML Spay bottle 90 day supply

100% Money Back Guarantee

Free Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer With Purchase!
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