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NaPCA Spray or NaPCA Mist… 

Naturally moisturizes, soothes and refreshes normal, dry and itchy skin. 

Better than the old Twin Labs NaPCA spray. It is a lite refreshing non-oily skin moisturizing spray with organic Aloe vera to moisturize, soothe and ease dry itchy skin and irritated skin.  Good for normal, dry and oil skin and is will not clog pores (non-comodogenic). NaPCA is a key Natural Moisturizing Factor (humectant) in your skin but it’s concentration reduces over time. Aloe vera is Nature’s best natural moisturizer. Combined, these key ingredients create a naturally effective, clean, pure and simple moisturizing spray with a lite, refreshing feel.  NaPCA spray is exactly what you need to refresh and maintain your skin’s health and glow and even use it to calm hair frizzes!

What does NaPCA Spray do?

  • Instantly moisturizes
  • Gives a lite refreshing feel
  • Provides quick relief from dry and itchy skin
  • Reduces inflammation and redness
  • Naturally antiseptic promotes healthy skin
  • Helps reduce acne irritation

Naturally Effective, Clean, Pure and Simple. 

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NaPCA Spray – Value Pack


NaPCA Mist
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