1. Todd K. (verified owner)

    Great product! Love the Aloe NaPCA spray! Not sticky, not oily, extremely subtle natural scent that is clean and fresh. Great for my sensitive skin.

    NaPCA Spray, NaPCA MistNaPCA Spray, NaPCA Mist

  2. James (verified owner)

    Great product, and delivery!!

    NaPCA Spray - Value PackNaPCA Spray – Value Pack

  3. Kris Kimple (verified owner)

    See above comment

    NaPCA Spray, NaPCA MistNaPCA Spray, NaPCA Mist

  4. Kris Kimple (verified owner)

  5. Kris Kimple (verified owner)

    I use this product on my face and neck in addition to the Face Serum and the NaPCA Spray twice a day, morning and night. I absolutely love this product! My skin feels so fresh and hydrated. My Esthetician even commented that my face looked hydrated last time I was in. My Mother uses these products as well and we discovered something amazing! She has a condition called Skin Lupus that erupts about every three months- it is a terrible spreading rash that is itchy and painful and the steroid product her Dermatologist prescribed provided no relief whatsoever. As another outbreak began with just a spot, I suggested she try the NaPCA Spray followed by the Aloe Vera Body Moisturizer every time she felt itchy. She applied these products several times a day to which they provided instant relief and stopped the spread of this rash! We cannot recommend AloeHydrate products highly enough!

    Aloe Vera Body Moisturizer Ceramide with Vitamins E, D, B3 and B5Aloe Vera Body Moisturizer Ceramide with Vitamins E, D, B3 and B5

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  1. Vicky H. says:

    My husband and I love AloeHydrate! It’s really amazing how moisturized our skin is after we use it. Sometimes after a bath/shower we don’t have time to apply a lotion and AloeHydrate is so easy to use. We’ve already reordered and even got some for our daughter’s birthday.

  2. Wendy E. says:

    AloeHydrate is amazing! Love the clean and refreshing feeling —perfect in the morning, after showering & at night before bed. It has become part of my daily routine!

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