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  1. Great product! Love the Aloe NaPCA spray! Not sticky, not oily, extremely subtle natural scent that is clean and fresh. Great for my sensitive skin.

  2. I use this product on my face and neck in addition to the Face Serum and the NaPCA Spray twice a day, morning and night. I absolutely love this product! My skin feels so fresh and hydrated. My Esthetician even commented that my face looked hydrated last time I was in. My Mother uses these products as well and we discovered something amazing! She has a condition called Skin Lupus that erupts about every three months- it is a terrible spreading rash that is itchy and painful and the steroid product her Dermatologist prescribed provided no relief whatsoever. As another outbreak began with just a spot, I suggested she try the NaPCA Spray followed by the Aloe Vera Body Moisturizer every time she felt itchy. She applied these products several times a day to which they provided instant relief and stopped the spread of this rash! We cannot recommend AloeHydrate products highly enough!

  3. As a New York-based celebrity makeup and hair stylist, AloeHydrate has been my go-to product on and off set. From priming my clients before red carpet events with its fine mist of hydration, to setting my final looks, AloeHydrate has far exceeded my expectations. I have even applied it to the hair to tame fly-aways, and to all hair textures, for a refreshed look. My kit is never without this versatile, natural, green beauty product. Thanks AloeHydrate! @alexandrabaranoff

  4. I am on my second bottle of “Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum with Aloe” and absolutely LOVE it!! I am turning 60 this year and have noticed significant negative changes in my skin tone and texture over the last two years. I have tried many products on the market with minimal results, and some no change at all. “Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum with Aloe” has changed my skin tone and texture in a very positive way. After using the serum consistently, morning and night, my skin has a noticeable hydrated and smoother feel. I have also noticed tightening of my pores which is another great benefit of using this product. After every application I follow it with AloeHydrate’s “NaPCA Spray”, which locks in the moisture even more.
    I would highly recommend this product to anyone desiring to either smooth and hydrate aging skin, or to enhance an already youthful appearance!

  5. Wonderful moisturizing spray!!
    NAPCA ~ monolaurin would be a great addition •

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  1. Vicky H. says:

    My husband and I love AloeHydrate! It’s really amazing how moisturized our skin is after we use it. Sometimes after a bath/shower we don’t have time to apply a lotion and AloeHydrate is so easy to use. We’ve already reordered and even got some for our daughter’s birthday.

  2. Wendy E. says:

    AloeHydrate is amazing! Love the clean and refreshing feeling —perfect in the morning, after showering & at night before bed. It has become part of my daily routine!

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